Cristina Varotsou was born in Athens, Greece. She studied fashion design  in Florence where, surrounded by incomparable beauty and cultural value artistic heritage she discovered at the same time the fabrication secrets of the “métier” together with the endless love for understated detail that characterize ever since her sartorial approach.

Preciously natural fibers, delicate and fragile fabrics, refined embroidery end embellishments together with close to the feminine morphology stylistic silhouettes, define her esthetic landscape, where a contemporary dynamic – but always feminine – woman may blossom.

The absolute urge for technical excellency during all the steps of the fabrication process and the immoderate attachment to the merest detail, transform every garment to one-of-a-kind and timeless piece. Cristina’s garments, transperce time like a freshly cut flower bouquet that never fades away, with its mesmerizing scent never passing by.

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